61 Countries Are Commercially Using 5G Services

Even though 5G is the most advanced network that can solve all connectivity issues, India is far behind in leveraging the technology. However, a new report from Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) has highlighted that 61 countries are already using the 5G network.

The report said that 144 commercial 5G networks are already in use and the numbers are expected to increase further. It said that 413 telecom companies in 131 countries are planning or investing 5G networks, including testing and running pilot projects in their locations. “65 operators are identified as investing in 5G standalone (including those evaluating/testing, piloting, planning, deploying as well as those that have launched 5G SA networks),” the Global Mobile Suppliers Association further said.

Telecom Operators Introducing 4×4 MIMO Technology

Additionally, the report suggests that several telecom operators are investing or showing interest in the new technology called 4×4 MIMO. The firm added that 152 telecom operators have already invested in the same technology and 94 operators have already launched a 5G network. Besides, the report is focussing on LTE and 806 operators have launched LTE networks commercially, while 421 launched LTE fixed wireless access services. “8T8R MIMO and Massive MIMO – 86 operators identified as investing in these technologies; at least 39 deployed/launched,” the report added.


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