Action Launcher v47 Brings iPhone-like Widget Stacks to Android Phones

Android users who are much into tweaking the UI of their device are familiar with the Nova Launcher and Action Launcher – two of the most popular launchers on the Play Store. It’s basically a chunk of users divided into the Nova camp and the Action Launcher camp. Both of these launchers keep coming up with new features and customization tweaks that give the user a ton of options to change the look and feel of their phone. For instance, the Apple-styled icon widget stacks in Action Launcher.

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Action Launcher

The widgets have been a part of the Android ecosystem for quite some time now, and it is only recently that Apple finally brought it with the iOS 14 update. There’s one distinguishing feature in Apple’s widget implementation – stacking widgets on top of each other.

Action Launcher has realized this could be a good addition to Android too, and in the v47 beta 2 update, the users can enjoy this new feature. It allows one to stack the widgets on top of each other for a cleaner interface, and save the screen space to keep app icons, for example.

To use the new feature you just have to drop the container on the home screen and stack the favorite widgets. To toggle between them you can perform the vertical swipe, and to toggle the widget content you can swipe left or right from the edge.

There is no limit on how many widgets you can add to a container, so it is a big plus for customization-loving users. That said it has to be kept in mind that the customization option requires the Plus version of Action Launcher that comes with other exclusive features too. If you are already using the Plus version, you should give this new addition to the widget interface a try. The v47 is out now in beta version for early adopters.


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