AlmaLinux (CentOS Replacement) – First Beta is Out

After the CentOS disaster by Redhat last year, the open-source community comes together with plenty of initiatives to bring a true Linux distribution that is 1:1 binary compatible with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) The company CloudLinux (who are already provides a commercial Linux based on CentOS for the cloud provides today) announced that they are committing a million dollar to develop a true RHEL alternative called AlmaLinux.

AlmaLinux 8.3 Beta 1

This Linux distribution is open-source and developed by CloudLinux developers with many contributors across the world. With the beta is out, being tested at the moment, this going to be probably the first stable replacement of CentOS today. While other similar project such as Rocky Linux by the CentOS creators, are still in the configuration stages and at this moment months away from a beta release.

CloudLinux has the resources and funding available to provide in this project which makes it available for the community. The CEO of CloudLinux requested community contributions for initial testing, bug reporting, and documentation.

With the Beta release deployed, we’d like to ask the community to be involved and provide feedback. We aim to build a Linux distribution entirely from community contributions and feedback. During AlmaLinux Beta, we ask for assistance in testing, documentation, support and future direction for the operating system. Together, we can build a Linux distribution that fills the gap left by the now unsupported CentOS distribution.CEO of AlmaLinux

The AlmaLinux 8.3 Beta 1 – uses GNOME 3.32 as the default desktop. The additional information I will update here on the packages once I give it a try. I could not find the changelog anywhere though. Here’s a summary of the release packages.


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