Alpine Linux 3.14 Released

A new version of Alpine Linux is now available for this distribution that’s popular for container use and other environments requiring a small footprint or those simply preferring its Busybox + Musl libc usage.

Alpine Linux 3.14 is the new release out today which is primarily driven by having a number of updated packages. Among the updated packages with Alpine Linux 3.14 are QEMU 6.0, R 4.1, Lua 5.4.3, Python 3.9.5, PostgreSQL 13.3, Nginx 1.20, and many others. If wanting to use Alpine Linux 3.14 on the desktop, KDE Plasma 5.22 is also available.

Alpine Linux 3.14 also changes it LuaJIT branch that it’s been tracking, Nginx configuration directory changes, the Node.js NPM package has been moved into a standalone aport, and other configuration changes.

Downloads and more details on the Alpine Linux 3.14 release are available from


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