Android 12 Beta 3.1 Update Released

The Android 12 Beta 3 update released a couple of weeks ago was the most polished and feature-rich update of the Android 12 ecosystem. However, it was the most buggy too with issues like random System UI crashes, aggressive background killing of apps and boot loop when restarting the phone. The latter getting the phone stuck on the boot loop, and it’s very frustrating for the users. That has now been fixed with the Android 12 Beta 3.1 update along with other minor bugs reported by developers.

This update brings an end to these nightmare issues and is like all times going to be available for Pixel phone line-up and a handful of other flagship devices. The update is far more stable in terms of user experience and security since it brings the July 2021 patch too.

It has the Google Play services version 21.24.13 and API 31 for developers too and not many UI changes are expected with this version. The Beta 3.1 update has build number SPB3.210618.016 and works with the x86 (64-bit) and has ARM (v8-A) emulator support.

This update is still not recommended for users who will be using their device as the daily driver as minor bugs will be there since the OS is still in the beta stage. That said, the upcoming Beta 4 update expected in late August is going to be stability-focused, so a better bet for eager triers.

Developers can manually download this latest beta update via the downloadable factory and OTA images right away. The eligible devices including Pixel phones will shortly see a prompt for the update to this version, so downloading it makes complete sense given the buggy nature of the previous one.


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