Android Studio 4.2 Released

After being in development for some time, Google has now announced the stable release of Android Studio 4.2. The latest version of the chief tool used by developers to create Android apps, focuses majorly on the upgrade of IntelliJ platform and additional features that will “improve productivity of Android developers,” Google notes.

The major new Android Studio update, as mentioned, brings forth a few improvements and features. These including the mentioned IntelliJ platform update, and improvements in new project wizard, Database Inspector, SafeArgs support, System Trace and much more.

The new update makes migration easier and benefits from the latest Android Gradle Plugin APIs. Google recommends that if you use the abovementioned features “you should download the new Android Studio update.”

With the Android Studio 4.2, you get all the major updates in IntelliJ IDEA community, which includes GitHub UI for pull requests. Developers are also offered a centralized problem widow for assistance regarding problems and errors.

The update brings forth a visual refresh for module wizard and new project wizard; the developers can effortlessly identify Android device type and comprehend the module types that can possibly be included in the app. Database Inspector on the other hand is provided with offline mode to let developers access app data offline to diagnose issues after an app crash.


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