Android System Webview Explained About Random Crashes of Android Apps

Android has many hidden features that further enhance the smartphone experience. Take the Android System Webview feature, for instance. The Android System Webview allows you to open any web page on your traditional web browser. The tool is controlled by Chrome on Android smartphones.

What Is Android System Webview?

In simple terms, the Android System Webview is an in-built tool found on all Android smartphones. The tool is responsible for displaying web content on the Android OS for in-built apps. The pre-installed component is available on all Android smartphones, allowing users to view any web content.

How To Enable Android System Webview?

It’s important to enable the Android System Webview on your Android smartphone. When disabled, it could hamper the overall performance of the app on your device. Here is how to enable Android System Webview on your Android smartphone:

  • Step 1: Open the Google Play app
  • Step 2: Scroll through the home page to find the Android System Webview
  • Step 3: Here, click on Open and select the ‘Enable’ tab.

About Android System Webview

There are a couple of factors to bear in mind about Android System Webview. Firstly, the above-mentioned steps will function only on Android version 6.0 and below. After Android 6, Google brought in several changes and Chrome was enhanced to open web pages in apps as well.

Nevertheless, every Android smartphone will still require Android System Webview for proper functioning and displaying of web pages from apps. When disabled, the apps can malfunction and refuse to open the web pages, which will eventually crash the OS.

Also to note, Android System Webview can’t be uninstalled from your Android smartphone. In any case, you wish to disable the Android System Webview on your device, you can follow the same steps mentioned above. Disabling it will help conserve battery and background running apps can perform faster.

Having the Android System Webview helps in smoothening the process faster for any web links. The recent incident of Android apps crashing was linked to the Android System Webview. Hence, it’s always best to ensure it is enabled on your device.


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