Archinstall 2.2 Released

Added to the Arch Linux install media back in April was Archinstall as a quick/easy installer for the Linux distribution. Released today is now Archinstall 2.2 as the latest advancement for this convenient Arch Linux installer.

Archinstall 2.2 brings support for using GRUB as a secondary boot loader on installations, but is still considered experimental. Archinstall 2.2 also has a number of install experience improvements, the ability to select multiple options during installs, support for loading a JSON-based install configuration file, the minimal installation now includes AMD/Intel CPU microcode files by default, a new “–advanced” option for launching the installer with more options, and a variety of other improvements.

Archinstall 2.2 also now includes install profiles for Arch Linux deployments to servers or running with the Deepin, Enlightenment, or Sway desktops.

More details on this notable Archinstall 2.2 Arch Linux installer update via the project’s GitHub.


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