Aurora Store Version 4 Update Introduces Subtle UI Modifications

Third-party app stores are used by many custom ROM appreciators, but they come with their own set of issues. In case you don’t mind walking the thin like, a new update for the Aurora Store has just rolled out which will make adapting to the new open-source play store alternative more exciting. Long time into development, the new update revamps the store UI to make discovering apps easier amid a range of other things.

The new major update is the Aurora Store version 4, which is not finally available for download to all users. The major change brought forth by the version 4 update is the new interface which is, as you’d expect inspired by the Google Play Store.

The new user interface of the Aurora Store makes it simpler for users to search and discover new applications. This is made possible with a floating search button instead of the fixed search bar previously. The revamped UI adds more streamlined categories to the store, and the old Home, Updates and Categories tabs on the store are now replaced with Apps, Games and Updates.

Moreover, the reworked Aurora Store also lets users choose between different installers and gets new dark themes with the choice to pick an accent color. The new version should be available as an update if you have an old version installed, but if you don’t you can download it now.

Aurora Store is available for Android 5 and higher. Be mindful though, open-source app stores run the risk of downloading malicious software with applications you get from there that can give hackers access to your device.


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