Browser : Vivaldi 3.8 Released

It can sometimes be annoying to always see those welcome messages on websites asking for your permission to enable cookies. Of course they were placed there for compliance with the European Union’s GDPR but they can be confusing and a nuisance at the same time. The Vivaldi browser has a new feature on its mobile browser that can help you with this and it’s appropriately called the Cookie Crumbler. It comes in the latest update to the Vivaldi browser alongside other things like multilingual support and the return of the Start Page option.

The Cookie Crumbler will hide those dialogues asking if you’re okay with cookies and at the same time, it will automatically block the cookies. It’s part of the Ad and Tracker Blocker feature of the Vivaldo mobile app. To enable it, go to the Settings > Privacy > Enable Tracker and Ad Blocking > Manage Sources > Ad blocking sources then enable the “Remove cookie warnings” lists. Take note that some websites will not work or let you in if you don’t accept cookies so you’ll have to disable the Cookie Crumbler if you really need access to that site.

The update also brings a Language Switcher service that lets you select the preferred language you want to use on the website. You will be able to choose from the 41 languages that are enabled on the Vivaldi browser. These are for the times that you want to use a different language on the browser that is different from the default on your device. You can choose a different language by going to Settings > Language Settings > App Language.

The popular Start Page button kind of disappeared from Vivaldi because of the other popular request, the Address Bar at the bottom of the screen. But now, you’ll be able to bring back the Start Page button if you want to as you can toggle it on and off from Vivaldi Menu > Settings > Appearance. At least you now have the option to have the Start Page icon in the Address Bar, only if you have placed it at the bottom.

You can update your Vivaldi mobile browser to version 3.8 to enjoy these new features. If you haven’t tried this out yet, you can download it from the Google Play Store and from Uptodown Android store.


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