CentOS Stream 9 Opened Up For Contributors

More build artifacts of CentOS Stream 9 are being published now while more OS images are still on the way. CentOS Stream 9 is open for contributions as RHEL’s future upstream.

As part of the latest CentOS community newsletter covering the past month of work, the developers involved have been getting more images spun of what is forming for CentOS Stream 9. The start of these new builds can be found at compose.stream.centos.org.

This includes a mix of builds for what has and hasn’t yet cleared their testing/gating. Container images are also now available. Over the next month they expect to begin producing CentOS Stream 9 Cloud images as well as signing of packages.

More details on the CentOS Stream 9 builds via this monthly update. CentOS also has two new board members now: Josh Boyer of Red Hat and Davide Cavalca of Facebook.


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