Debian 10.8 Released

Debian 10.8 as the Linux distribution’s latest quarterly update is now available ahead of Debian 11 expected later in the year.

Debian 10.8 provides the latest stable release updates for “Buster” with dozens of package updates compared to 10.7. Debian 10.8 has a number of bug fixes, security updates to a wide range of different packages, offers the latest Steam package, an updated NVIDIA graphics driver package, updated timezone data, and an assortment of other fixes/maintenance items.

The full list of package updates with Debian 10.8 can be found via today’s release announcement at

Notable with Debian 10.8 is the project has improved its build scripts that allow the release images to now build “significantly more in parallel” and in turn churn out new releases much quicker than prior releases. Debian developer Andrew Cater confirmed the “embarrassingly parallel speed up has worked” in the building of the Debian release images much faster.

Meanwhile Debian 11 is now under its build-essential freeze while the new package soft freeze starts in one week and the hard freeze begins in mid-March. The rest of the Debian 11 release process remains to be determined while the stable Debian 11.0 should be out later this calendar year.


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