Debian 11.0 “Bullseye” is now under its soft freeze

With the Debian soft freeze beginning, all uploads to the Debian archive are to be small, targeted fixes with no new source packages permitted for Bullseye. Existing source packages also cannot add or drop binary packages.

The Debian release team characterizes the current state of Bullseye as “pretty good”. Debian developer Paul Gevers went on to add, “we’re aiming for a record short freeze However, not all is fine. We’re pretty concerned about a couple of known RC bugs which need the proper attention of people familiar with upgrade paths as there’s potential to leave upgrading systems unbootable and/or without a working apt.”

Debian Teams

Those bugs currently of concern pertain to libgcrypt and libgcc-s1. More details on the Debian 11 soft freeze via the project’s mailing list.

The Debian 11.0 hard freeze is set to begin on 12 March while the full freeze date has yet to be determined. When Debian 11.0 stable will be released also is to be determined depending upon how the cycle plays out over the coming months, but Debian 11.0 stable should be out later this calendar year.


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