Debian 11.0 Is Now Under A Hard Freeze

One month after beginning the Bullseye soft freeze, Debian 11 is now under a hard freeze. For the hard freeze, key packages and packaging lacking autopkgtest support are treated as if in a full freeze. Non-key packages with Autopkgtest support are treated as if in the soft freeze still. Autopkgtest is the Debian integrated solution for running automatic package acceptance/conformance testing.

Key packages and Debian packages lacking Autopkgtest coverage need to be unblocked by the Debian release team if wanting to move from Debian unstable to testing. More details via the Bullseye freeze policy page.

The current Debian 11.0 Bullseye state was summed up in Bits from the Release Team: frozen hard to get hot.

Next step in releasing Debian 11 is the full freeze to which that date has yet to be determined. Depending upon how the quality is looking and everything else panning out, we should see Debian 11 a few months down the line.


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