Eclipse OpenJ9 0.27 Java Virtual Machine Released

The OpenJ9 0.27 release today offers support for OpenJDK 8, 11, and 16. The OpenJ9 0.27 release adds a new AdaptiveGCThreading option to tune the default behavior of automatically tuning the active parallel garbage collection threads. OpenJ9 0.27 also adds a new scan mode that is used during the balanced garbage collection policy, stops parsing the “JAVA_OPTIONS” environment variable, enables global lock reservation by default for AIX and Linux on POWER hardware, increases the default operating system stack size on PPC64 (256KB to 512KB), and various other changes. There are also many fixes throughout with this OpenJ9 update.

More details on the changes to find with OpenJ9 0.27 can be found via Eclipse-OpenJ9. OpenJ9 sources can be downloaded via GitHub.


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