elementary OS 6.0 Released

elementary OS is an Ubuntu-based distribution which features a custom desktop environment called Pantheon. The project’s latest release, elementary OS 6 “Odin”, features sandboxed applications via Flatpak bundles, a new dark theme, and multi-touch gestures.

elementary OS 6 leverages cutting-edge sandboxing technology to enforce privacy and security protections at a technical level. In OS 6, all AppCenter apps are now packaged and distributed as Flatpaks, a modern container format that keeps apps siloed away from each other and your sensitive data.

Several default elementary OS apps are now being distributed as Flatpaks as well. In addition, elementary OS 6 utilizes Portals to keep you in control of how apps interact with each other and your data. Apps must explicitly request permission in a well-defined way e.g. to get access to files or launch other apps. A new Permissions view in System Settings -> Applications exposes all the permissions apps have requested and gives you control to override or revoke them.

Further information can be found in the project’s release announcement. Downloads through a pay-what-you-want portal are available on the project’s home page.


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