FFmpeg 4.4 Released With AV1 VA-API Decoder

FFmpeg 4.4 is out today as a large update to this widely-used multimedia library and with it comes many new features including new demuxers, AV1 support improvements, and other enhancements.

FFmpeg 4.4 includes a wide array of improvements over last year’s FFmpeg 4.3 release. Among the exciting additions with FFmpeg 4.4 are:

  • AudioToolbox output device support.VDPAU accelerated HEVC 10-bit and 12-bit decoding.
  • VDPAU accelerated VP9 10-bit and 12-bit decoding.
  • AV1 decode support for hardware acceleration, which so far is now supported for Intel QSV-accelerated AV1 decoding with Intel Gen12 graphics and Intel VA-API. Via NVIDIA’s NVDEC interface is also AV1 hardware accelerated decode.
  • Support for Microsoft DXVA2 / D3D11VA hardware-accelerated AV1 decoding.
  • CPU-based AV1 encoding support via the SVT-AV1 encoder.
  • AV1 low-overhead bitstream format demuxer.
  • AV1 monochrome encoding support.
  • Cineform HD encoder support.
  • RPZA video encoder support.
  • SpeedHQ encoder support.
  • Microsoft Paint demuxer and MSP version 2 decoder.
  • OpenEXR image encoder support.
  • Dolby E parsing abilities.
  • RIST protocol handling via librist.
  • A variety of other new filters, parsers, and demuxers.

Downloads and more details on today’s FFmpeg 4.4 multimedia library release via ffmpeg.org.


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