FreeBSD 13.0 beta3 Released

Glen Barber has announced that the third BETA build of the upcoming FreeBSD 13.0 (scheduled for final release on 23 March) is now ready for testing.

The third BETA build of the 13.0-RELEASE release cycle is now available. A summary of changes since 13.0-BETA2 includes:

  • a fix to the virtual memory subsystem to honor the ‘noreuse’ flag;
  • a fix to arm64 systems to initialize the VFP control register;
  • multiple busdma fixes;
  • a fix to address an ifa refcount leak during route addition;
  • a fix to correctly handle CMCI capability reporting;
  • a fix to wg(4) to fix incorrect allowed-IPs netmask;
  • a fix to UDP6 to prevent a potential system crash;
  • a fix to pf(4) to relax pf_rule_addr validation;
  • OpenSSL has been updated to version 1.1.1j;
  • a fix to ZFS raidz2/raidz3 not healing parity with two or more failing disks;
  • a fix for a lock order reversal in the USB audio driver;
  • the mrsas(4) driver has been enabled in the POWERPC64LE kernel by default;
  • a fix to the vt terminal buffer size with small font.

Here is the complete release announcement.


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