Genode OS 21.05 Released

Given the amount of work being carried out by Genode OS and not just relying on the Linux kernel or a platform with existing device driver support, Genode for some areas is late to the party. Such as with today’s Genode OS 21.05 release now introducing web camera support. Genode OS 21.05 features initial web cam support that they began working on last year given the pandemic. This ended up being quite involved even with leveraging libuvc and libusb. They do have webcam support working now though including having developed integration for VirtualBox and QEMU.

Genode OS 21.05 is also enjoying better performance thanks to profiling and tuning, init optimizations, and more. Genode OS 21.05 also includes a new file vault option based on the CBE block encrypter.

Genode OS 21.05 also adds new drivers for the i.MX8 SoC and Pine A64. Among other package updates is a new compiler toolchain option using GCC 10 and GNU Binutils 2.36.

More details on Genode OS 21.05 via the project site at


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