GNOME 40 Beta Released With Many Improvements

The beta of GNOME 40 is out today, one month ahead of the stable release of this big open-source desktop environment update.

GNOME 40 beta brings many changes including:

  • GNOME Shell has landed the redesign of the overview area, out-of-date extensions are now disabled by default, and other improvements.Big updates to Mutter including starting XWayland on-demand, atomic mode-setting support, defaulting to the horizontal workspace layout, and more.E
  • xperimental support for more WebExtensions APIs, among other improvements to this GNOME web browser.
  • New language features and new APIs for the GJS JavaScript support.
  • Various converting improvements in GNOME Calculator (frequencies, weeks, centuries, decades, etc).
  • GTK 4.1 is in with its various fixes and improvements.
  • GVFS Google integration has improved performance for folders with large number of files, Shared drives folder added, and other additions.
  • The Nautilus file manager has improved tab completion in the location entry, preferences dialog improvements, and more.

More details on the GNOME 40 Beta via the mailing list.


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