GNOME 40 Mutter Lands Wayland Presentation-Time Support

The patch series implementing support for Wayland’s Presentation-Time protocol within the Mutter compositor has been merged ahead of this month’s GNOME 40 release.

This Wayland Presentation-Time support has been in the works for GNOME the past four months and today was finally deemed ready for merging.

Wayland’s Presentation Time protocol provides a means of accurate presentation timing feedback with a focus on ensuring smooth video playback and audio/video synchronization. The Presentation Time protocol has been around for years: authored in 2013~2014 and added to Wayland Protocols 1.2 that debuted back in 2016.

The GNOME 40 Mutter code was authored by Ivan Molodetskikh and now allows for accurate presentation timestamps for surface commits and estimated refresh rate handling.

Details on the just-merged implementation of Wayland Presentation-Time for GNOME 40 can be found via the MR.


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