Google Camera update brings hand-free video taking

The Google Camera app has been continually improving the past few years making Pixel users pretty happy. One thing that users have been requesting is to have an easier way to take videos aside from pressing and holding the shutter button the entire time you’re doing so. Well, it looks like Google is finally rolling out an update that will let you activate the video button and then shoot hands-free. Version 8.2.204 of the Google Camera app has started rolling out to Pixel users.

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XDA Developers shares that the update to the Google Camera app will now make it easier to capture videos hands-free. With Google Camera 7.1, you could already take videos without having to switch to video mode by long pressing and holding your finger on the shutter button. The problem is when you let go of that button, the video recording would end. And there are some times when you need to record hands free.

Version 8.2.204 of the Google Camera now solves that problem. After you long press the shutter button to record a video, you can move your finger to the left to go into the hands-free mode. This means it will continue recording even when you lift your finger. Moving your finger up will zoom in on what you’re recording while moving down will zoom out. Based on the video, it seems pretty easy and intuitive to use.

Especially now when recording videos on mobile devices is one way for people to digitally cope with the pandemic, apps and OEMs need to find convenient ways and add new features to engage users. Also with the popularity of TikTok and the ease in using its in-app camera features, we’ll see more apps and devices come up with similar features in the next few months probably.

The Google Camera update is now rolling out and should be available to Pixel users in the next few days. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Google plans to release the Camera to non-Pixel users anytime soon.


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