Google Play Music library will be deleted this month

Just in case you still have some files left in Google Play Music, this is your reminder that later this month, all items in the library will be deleted already. While Google’s former music app has not been working anymore since last December, user data was still available to give users time to export everything before it’s entirely gone. Two months should have been enough time for you to once and for all get all of your music and your other data. But in case you haven’t yet, consider this to be a reminder that you should.

Originally, the deadline to export everything was the end of 2020 but Google probably thought users would still be procrastinating and so they extended it to the year 2021. But now 9 to 5 Google says that Google is proceeding to “delete all of your Google Play Music data”. Apparently, some users have started receiving the reminder that February 24, 2021 is the deadliest deadline for you to still retrieve all of your data and after that, there’s no more way for you to access and recover it.

The data they’re talking about is not just the music that you’ve uploaded to Google Play Music. This also includes purchases, playlists, stations, albums, songs, artists (those saved to your library), and even all your likes / dislikes and search history. If you’ve been a user since 2011, then that’s a lot of data that you will probably want to save and export to another music service, unless you really just want to start from scratch.

If you already used the transfer tool and you’ve transferred everything to YouTube Music or you’ve exported it as a file, you still have time to transfer again your music library in case you made any changes or modifications since then. So basically if you still want to update all your Google Play Music stuff, you just have a couple weeks to do so or forever hold your peace. By now you’re most likely using a new music streaming service anyway so this shouldn’t really be a problem.

Go to Google Play Music now to either transfer to YouTube Music or to download your music library. You also have the option to delete your entire music library or to delete your recommendation history.


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