HarmonyOS is really just Android

Huawei wants to survive. We know it will even with the help of US exports. But then the company needs to de everything right. It may take a while but certainly not impossible. China is such a large country. It’s capable to manufacture almost everything. As for Huawei, it will continue to thrive although we don’t think it will regain its two status anytime soon. More Huawei phones will still be introduced but we’re expecting there will be obvious changes. For one, the components will mainly be from China.

Huawei is already determined to use HarmonyOS. The mobile platform which is known as HongmengOS in China is the company’s in-house mobile platform. Huawei has already released version 2 albeit a beta version. The HarmonyOS 2.0 beta is ready for the Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5 and the Mate P30.

Huawei has been saying HarmonyOS is original. We believed the idea but then other people are saying the Huawei Harmony OS is still based on Android OS. Huawei insists it’s not another Android version. It’s not a copy of Android or iOS. However, a lot of developers are saying it is still Android in a sense.

HarmonyOS is basically Android. You need to get the SDK from Huawei’s website after a long process of registration which could take days. If you get the SDK from a different source, you will still need to register an account.

To make the long story short, our source was able to get the SDK shared. Getting inside the code will show you it’s basically EMUI which is still based on Android 10. Huawei said it is beta but the version looks complete already.

When you go to the Huawei App Gallery, it will tell you the phone runs Android 10 Q a number of Android apps are also ready. Android 10 features are available too like the notification panel, dark mode, NFC tap-and-pay support, and a permissions system—yes, still Android.


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