Instagram brings Live Rooms so four people can go live at once

During this pandemic, a lot of social media platforms experienced a surge in their live streaming features and that is still continuing to this day, almost a year later. And so most of the big brands have been adding a lot of new features to their apps. Instagram is now bringing Live Rooms, a version of its popular Instagram Live feature. This time around, instead of just having two people on a live broadcast, it can be up to four people going live at the same time.

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While two people on a live stream were actually good enough to do some interviews, video podcasts, and other creative things for brands and influencers, the ability to add more people will also increase the possibilities of what you can do. Well, at least that’s what Instagram believes. “Doubling up” on Instagram Live can let you do a regular talk show, a jam session with other musicians, co-create with other artists, do more Q&As, or just talk to three other friends and let others listen in on that conversation.

Creators can also benefit from this as Instagram recently announced that viewers can purchase badges from the celebrities, artists, writers, and other creators that they follow. It’s sort of a Patreon-like kind of support but there doesn’t seem to be content in exchange for these badges, although of course creators can offer that too. With Live Rooms, there will be more interactive features like Shopping, Live Fundraisers, moderator controls, etc.

To start a Live Room, go to the Live camera option on your IG Stories. Add a title then tap the Rooms icon and start adding guests. You can add them one by one or all at once, as long as it’s up to 3 people only As you go Live, you’ll remain at the top of the screen as you’re the “host”. People who are blocked by any of the active participants will not be able to watch the Live. Guests who have been revoked live access by Instagram also cannot join the Live Room.

Live hosts will also be able to access some security features like reporting and blocking comments and applying comment filters. Instagram says that Live Rooms will soon be available for all Instagram users globally but no specific time period has been given.


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