JingOS 0.8 Released

JinglingTech released the JingOS v0.6 this January. v0.6 is a very basic demo of JingOS with lots to improve; it helps us/JinglingTech give the world a brief idea of a Linux-based Tablet OS.

Very exciting to announce that we are releasing JingOS v0.8 for x86 devices yesterday, March 31st!

JingOS v0.8 for x86 is a much more mature version compared to v0.6.

Here are the improvements:

  • Settings app redesigned, support wifi-auto detect, volume/brightness, and other basic setting functions
  • Files app redesigned
  • App Store
  • OTA support
  • Supports setting password and network when installing JingOS
  • Improve the functions and experience of Task Manager
  • Icons on the desktop can be rearranged
    App resolution auto-adjust on high-resolution displays
    Bug fixes
  • New Wallpaper

Further information and screenshots can be found in the release announcement.


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