KaOS 2021.08 Released

KaOS is a desktop Linux distribution that features the latest version of the KDE desktop environment, the Calligra office suite, and other popular software applications that use the Qt toolkit. The rolling release distribution has introduced a few new packages, some visual changes, and the system installer now copies over network settings to the newly installed system.

Updates to the base of this distribution include :

  • Systemd 249.3
  • Curl 7.78.0
  • IWD 1.16
  • NetworkManager 1.32.8
  • Mesa 21.1.7
  • Poppler 21.08.0
  • Vulkan packages 1.2.187
  • Udisks 2.9.3
  • MLT 7.0.1, and
  • Openexr 3.1.1

Qt 5.15 does not receive updates or maintenance from the Qt company (only closed source, paid support is available). KDE has stepped up though and published a maintained 5.15 fork. KaOS now does a monthly patch update from this fork for all of Qt 5.15, so it basically is now at 5.15.3. The installer Calamares has the ability added to carry over the network settings from the Live system, so no longer a need to enter the Wifi password again on booting into the newly installed system. There now also is an option to select the preferred filesystem when using the automated partitioning. New applications added include speedtest-cli, mauikit-accounts, and bibletime. Biggest change here is the addition of Plasma Mobile Apps, which are very suitable for desktop use. They include Angelfish (web-browser), Kasts (pocasts), Kalk (calculator), and Koko (image viewer).

Additional details can be found in the project’s release announcement. For download page here and direct download here.


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