KDE Plasma 5.22 Released

The most popular Linux desktop environment, KDE Plasma brings another stable release. This release brings overall stability, bug fixes, and improvements in all KDE components such as plasma-desktop, KWin, Wayland support. Although there are not many high-impact changes that are visible, however, this release mark as a stepping stone for a stable and modern Linux desktop in the coming days. That said, let’s take a look at what’s new in this release.

What’s New Features on KDE Plasma 5.22 … ?

Adaptive transparency in desktop panels landed in this release. This design change is introduced to make the Panel’s transparency and any maximize window’s behaviors consistent. For example, if your panel is say 50% transparent and you have an application window maximized, then the bottom desktop panel looks odd with 50% transparency. It would have been better if the panel adapts its transparency based on panel settings to match the window. See this video from the KDE team.

If you are copying any file or took some action, then upon completion of the operation – the popup informational window would show a button for the next action on the file. The button shows the application name which is associated with that file type. For example, you can get “Open with Kate” after you complete a copy operation of a text file. If no file type is associated, then it shows just “Open with…”.

In Discover, the applications now show the type of the package – for example, Flatpak, Snap, etc. It even includes a small icon for quick identification. This is a handy enhancement.

A warning popup is introduced to prevent the accidental deletion of notes in the KNote app. Today, there is no warning and it just deletes it.

The vault now shows an option to open in file manager action for the vault folders and files.

The “Show KRunner” is removed from the desktop context menu (right-click). As per the developers, this is implemented mainly to de-clutter the desktop context menu. And also, the new Kickoff menu is more functional thus eliminating a separate option to lauch KRunner. And expert users already know the F2 shortcut which launches KRunner.

The Audio applet now shows full speaker and mic names when you mouseover.

It is now possible to switch between different audio profiles of your microphone, sound device from the new profiles card. For example, if your speaker supports stereo, Dolby 5.1, Dolby 7.1 – you can switch between them via the new card menu.

A brand new wallpaper is introduced based on nature/mountain theme. This wallpaper is very Artful in nature while maintaining the tradition of triangle/blocks of KDE’s own theme. You can download them here. And many bug fixes and improvements. You can read the entire change log. Download KDE Plasma 5.22 here.


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