KDE Rolling Out New CLI Tools

KDE developers have been wrapping up February with a number of new command line tools being worked on for applying various cosmetic changes to the desktop. There have also been many crash fixes addressed in recent days.

KDE developer Nate Graham is out with his weekly post summarizing all of the development happenings for the past week. Among the highlights for these open-source desktop environment changes over the past week include:

  • New command-line tools to allow setting the global themes, color schemes, cursor themes, plasma themes, and wallpaper.KDE Frameworks 5.80 now supports the HEIF and HEIC image formats for KDE applications.K
  • Win will avoid crashing in the Plasma Wayland session when copying from an XWayland app and immediately pasting it in a native Wayland app.
  • Plasma meanwhile will no longer sometimes crash when closing the audio volume applet. There are also several crash fixes to other KDE components this week too, such as around the System Settings area.
  • The network speed widget now works again, coming with Plasma 5.21.1.
  • Key repeat is being re-enabled by default come KDE Plasma 5.21.2.
  • NeoChat 1.1 was released with many improvements.
  • The Dolphin file manager should be a bit faster at displaying thumbnails.

More details on this week’s excitements via Nate’s blog.


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