KDE Starts April By Landing KHamburgerMenu

This week KDE saw the “KHamburgerMenu” work land as well as a number of other enhancements:

  • The introduction of KHamburgerMenu as a component for QWidgets-based apps to show custom hamburger menus when the main menubar is hidden. This is similar to Dolphin’s existing hamburger menu. This is helpful for those wanting to hide the main menubar for conserving vertical space, is easily applied to KDE applications, and other possibilities. This work has been ongoing for several months but finally merged this week via this MR with video demo too.
  • Fixing the ForsiSSLVPN NetworkManager plug-in so that it works.
  • KDE Frameworks 5.81 restores support for being able to create new files on writable FTP shares using the “Create New” menu.
  • Fixing the image thumbnailer from sometimes crashing when taking screenshots.
  • The Baloo file indexer is more reliable now when it comes to files that have been renamed or moved.

See more details on the KDE changes this week via this blog post by KDE developer Nate Graham who continues to provide these excellent weekly summaries.


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