Lenovo Yoga Tablet With HDMI Input May Launch Soon

Lenovo is one of those few mobile OEMs in the world that work quietly but when it introduces something, we’re always surprised because they are usually impressive. We don’t have the numbers right now but we know Lenovo is doing good especially in the hybrid laptop-tablet category. Our last feature here was the Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook Enterprise 2-in-1 Laptop back in October. Before that, we even got to review the Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab with Google Assistant that doubles as a smart display.

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Sighted on Weibo, is a new Lenovo Yoga tablet. The design is said to support HDMI which means you can connect it to other devices. The Yoga tablet is expected to be easy to carry and expand. The source it is a good companion for daily entertainment.

The Lenovo Yoga tablet appears to be ideal for gaming. With that in mind, this could be a gaming tablet. On the photo, we see a Nintendo Switch connected to the tablet. We’re guessing the Lenovo Yoga could work as a display for the portable gaming console.

Nintendo Switch games on a bigger display? Why not. It will be a better experience. With the HDMI input, we’re also guessing other OEMs will follow Lenovo.

We don’t think it’s exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. We’re imagining it will also work with other gaming consoles like maybe Microsoft Xbox. What do you think?


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