LG Android 11 OS update schedule announced

LG isn’t bowing out of the mobile business. No, not yet. It’s unclear whether the LG Rainbow or the LG Rollable Phone will sill be released in the market but for the devices in the current lineup, you will be happy to know that Android OS updates are available. The other South Korean tech giant is still working on hardware and software updates. LG encourages phone owners to install available updates because it offers a number of benefits. Requests to install them must not be ignored.

From Android 10, several LG phones will receive Android 11. When you receive an OTA containing the new Android version, it is recommend you backup your device and download and install. You can also check General> System and Update Center> Software Updates. If a new version is available, it will be automatically downloaded. Please ensure the phone is connected to a power source or is fully charged.

Beta testing was only started by LG in December. It was only released for the LG Velvet 5G in South Korea. There are more phones from the brand that need Android 11. Outside its native country, the LG V60 ThinQ 5G also got the same update in the US.

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LG Velvet 5G

Those in Europe, specifically, in Germany, LG phones will receive Android 11. Starting this April, the 5G version can be updated. The 4G model owners will have to wait until the third quarter (Q3 2021). The LG Wing will get the same in the fourth quarter (Q4 2021). The LG G8X and LG G8S will get it earlier in Q2 and Q3.

LG reminds us that an Android update fixes small errors. Features and apps are improved. With a software update, security issues are also fixed and removed.

LG aims to make phones protected from malware and unauthorized access. We believe the company’s intentions but we hope it will roll out such updates not that late. Android 12 is already in the works. By the time most LG flagships get Android 11, other smartphones are already running Android 12.


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