Linux 5.13-rc3 Released

Most notable about Linux 5.13-rc3 is the three dozen patches reverted as part of dropping questionable patches from the University of Minnesota researchers and other clean-ups stemming from the fallout over their “hypocrite commits” research. After reviewing all patches to the Linux kernel over the past month, in Linux 5.13-rc3 the questionable commits have been reverted while some partially address genuine problems in many cases they could be further improved upon or are of limited usefulness.

Aside from the UMN reverts, Linux 5.13-rc3 contains an assortment of other work but is overall calm. Linus Torvalds wrote in the 5.13-rc3 announcement, “Hmm. rc3 is when usually the other shoe drops, and we start having a lot more fixes for fallout from the merge window. Not so this time. It’s been a very calm rc3 week, and at least in pure number of commits this is the smallest rc3 we’ve had in the 5.x series. Considering that the merge window was not in any way small, this is a bit surprising, but I suspect it’s one of those “not everybody sent in fixes this week” things that will rectify itself next week.

See our Linux 5.13 feature overview for more details on the changes to expect with this kernel. Linux 5.13 stable should be out around the end of June if all goes well.


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