Linux 5.13-rc4 Released

We are now mid-way through the Linux 5.13 cycle and 5.13-rc4 has ticked up to being a larger release compared to the prior small release candidates.

It’s not the biggest rc4 we’ve ever had, but it’s certainly up there, believably competing for the title. That said, exactly because of the calm rc2 and rc3, the size of rc4 doesn’t worry me, and I think the 5.13 release looks fairly normal. This bump is just because we had some stable work finally hit my tree. Notably the networking tree, but there’s a lot of driver tree fixes too. The fixes are fairly spread out, and mostly small.

Linus Torvalds noted in today’s brief 5.13-rc4 announcement

Linux 5.13 stable should be out around the end of June or the first week of July depending upon how the next few release candidates play out.

See the Linux 5.13 feature overview to learn more about this next major kernel release.


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