Linux 5.15-rc7 Released

Linus Torvalds normally releases new kernel versions on Sundays like clockwork, but yesterday was one of the rare occasions where that trend was interrupted.

Due to Linus Torvalds’ travels of last week ending on Sunday and lacking in-flight WiFi followed by being tired, Linux 5.15-rc7 is only now available.

the delay isn’t because of any kernel trouble. In fact, the worry I had last week about a big rc6 turned out to be just a false alarm due to timing of pulls, and rc7 looks nice and small, right in the range of normal. Both the number of commits and the diffstat looks fine. It’s all pretty small and flat (meaning mostly small trivial changes) with just a couple of peaks for some x86 kvm code, and some ksmbd changes.Linus Torvalds wrote of 5.15-rc7

At this stage Linux 5.15 is looking quite good and it’s rather likely Linux 5.15 stable could debut next Sunday. However, as Linus will again be traveling next week, he is inclined if the need presents itself to delay the 5.15 release to then avoid the Linux 5.16 merge window during his next round of travels.

Long story short, Linux 5.15 will be released in the next week or two depending upon how things play out over the days ahead. See our Linux 5.15 feature overview for more details on the big changes of this next kernel release.


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