Linux Kernel 5.12-rc4 Released

Linux Kernel 5.12 overall continues to be quite calm and much better off than early on when 5.12-rc1 was rocked by a nasty data corruption issue.

Linus Torvalds simply wrote of 5.12-rc4, “Very much an average rc4, possibly just a tad on the smaller side of average. Nothing here particularly stands out. The diffstat looks a bit more spread out than it perhaps normally would do, because of the removal of the (never used) MODULE_SUPPORTED_DEVICE() thing that causes some trivial line removal in various drivers, but not only did it never do anything, it wasn’t actually even all that common (ie it certainly wasn’t a “most drivers” kind of situation).

Thus barring anything nasty from coming up late in the cycle, Linux Kernel 5.12 is looking good for being another average and on-schedule release.

See our Linux Kernel 5.12 feature overview to learn more about what’s to be found in this next major kernel release.


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