Linux Kernel 5.14-rc3 Released

Linux 5.14 appears to be back on track for shaping up well as the stable kernel release that will come out at the tail end of August or early September depending upon how the rest of the cycle plays out.

After a relatively big rc2, things seem to have calmed down and rc3 looks pretty normal. Most of the fixes here are small, and the diffstat looks largely flat. And there’s not an undue amount of stuff. The fixes are spread fairly evenly all over – driver changes do dominate, but it all seems commensurate with code size in general, so not anything odd or unusual.

This week for Linux 5.14-rc3, Linus Torvalds noted,

There are still various discussions about a few pending issues still, but on the whole things are looking pretty good, and I know of nothing so scary as to keep people from getting their toes wet and testing this all out.Linus further added in the 5.14-rc3 announcement

See our Linux 5.14 feature overview to learn more about all the changes coming in this next kernel version. My Linux 5.14 kernel benchmarking remains ongoing but so far haven’t found any negative surprises.


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