Manjaro Linux 21.1.0 Released

This release features major improvements to Calamares, including filesystem selection for automatic partitioning and enhanced support for Btrfs. For Btrfs installations, the default subvolume layout has been improved for easier rollbacks and less wasted space on snapshots. Additionally, swapfiles on Btrfs filesystem are now supported.

The GNOME edition has received a major rework the update to GNOME 40. The default layout has been redesigned to follow more closely upstream defaults, with some adjustments to reduce the pointer travel for users who prefer using mouse with gnome. For users that preferred the old vertical desktop layout, we have the Manjaro legacy layout, which mimics the previous gnome defaults.

Continue to the release announcement for additional information. Here is the download page and for direct download Manjaro with XFCE default desktop here, Gnome default desktop here, and KDE default desktop here.


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