Microsoft Whiteboard now on public preview at Google Play Store

If you miss having an actual whiteboard to facilitate your meeting and brainstorming, the next best thing would have to be a virtual one since you’re also meeting virtually anyway. Finding a way to put ideas together and edit and re-edit what you’re talking about can be a challenge. Some of the video conferencing platforms are creating built-in features similar to this but if you’re thinking of a separate app, Microsoft Whiteboard is now available as a public preview app at the Google Play Store.

WinCentral shares that the app basically lets you “ideate, create, and collaborate” on a virtual whiteboard and it happens and is saved on the cloud. It has actually been available on Windows and iOS previously but now, Android users will also be able to join in on the fun. You can use touch, type, and pen inputs when interacting on the virtual whiteboard. You’ll be able to draw, enter text, or add sticky notes for annotation on the freeform canvas.

The app also uses Microsoft’s Intelligent inking technology so your doodles can actually be converted into tables and charts automatically. Those who are using the app will be able to see the changes and additions to the canvas in real-time so even if you’re meeting digitally or a combination of in-person and virtual meetings, you’ll be able to keep up with all the ideas and items added to your virtual whiteboard.

You also don’t need to take a picture or screenshot of the board as it is automatically synced to the cloud as long as you’re signed into your Microsoft account. You will be able to access them on any device that you’re also signed into. The app currently functions more like a web app but eventually and hopefully, a stable version may see an actual app that has a better UI on your smartphone or tablet.

The Microsoft Whiteboard public preview is currently available only on education and enterprise accounts. Those who are using personal Microsoft accounts will have to wait a little while longer. And since this is still in preview, expect some bugs and issues.


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