Motorola One Hyper Finally Receives Android 11 OS Update

The Motorola One Hyper was first leaked and then eventually released in 2019. We found Motorola’s naming conventions as sometimes confusing but the Hyper name has been memorable. We haven’t heard anything new about the smartphone though but we knew it would receive Android 11 OS update. In the United States, the Motorola phone is finally getting the update after learning about similar updates for the Motorola RAZR 5G and Moto G Pro. Motorola has recently sent out the OS update that includes most of the Android 11 features and improvements we know.

Specifically, the Android 11 update for Motorola One Hyper is ready for units with RPF31.Q1-21-20-1 software version. These are mainly retail models or unlocked units.

No Changelog has surfaced but we can expect the usual Android 11 changes. Expect improved privacy settings, more efficient ways to manage conversations, and enhanced device controls.

New Conversations and Chat Bubbles can be observed on the Motorola One Hyper. It will also include controlling messages, viewing, and replying to them. Priority conversations can now be marked.

With Android 11, you can set up one-time permissions. This becomes useful for when you want your data to be shared. One-time permissions can also be applied for major apps such as location, camera, or microphone. Expect more Moto smartphones will receive Android 11 in the coming weeks and months.


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