Multi-Device WhatsApp Usage Finally Coming To Android And iOS

It now looks like we are just a few weeks away from one of the most anticipated features from WhatsApp. WhatsApp, unlike its rival services like Telegram, did not offer true-multi device functionality. This is likely to change soon, as WhatsApp has introduced a new set of features on WhatsApp Web Beta.

According to the report from WABetaInfo, users will soon be able to use WhatsApp Web on up to four devices even when the primary device is not connected to the Internet. A single WhatsApp account can be used on up to four devices without any issue.

The beta program is currently open for the same, where, users can register for the same to get a taste of these upcoming features on WhatsApp. However, do note that other users have to use the latest WhatsApp version to chat with the users who are into the beta program.

This indicates that the latest beta already has this update, but the company has just disabled it to make sure that it is stable. The company has also confirmed that the new feature will work on both WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business apps.

Upcoming Features Of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has also mentioned a few more upcoming features for the WhatsApp Web beta users. Features like delete for everyone are supported on linked devices. However, all other message deletion features are not.

User with WhatsApp Web beta update won’t be able to call or message someone who doesn’t have the latest version of WhatsApp from a linked device. However, the same can be done using the primary device.

Other WhatsApp accounts on a portal won’t work unless those accounts have been joined to WhatsApp Web beta. Lastly, one will not be able to call a portal that has not joined WhatsApp Web beta. This means, the primary device will still have some special privileges over linked devices, which is a good feature for security.

Should You join WhatsApp Web Beta?

If you are a business user or someone who uses WhatsApp constantly, then, it is best to wait for the stable release of these features, as you won’t be able to use most of these features with someone who hasn’t joined WhatsApp Web beta. Overall, the features do look promising, and these are likely to improve the functionality of WhatsApp for sure.


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