MuSE 4.0 Free Software Digital Audio Workstation Brings Redesigned UI

MuSE is a MIDI and audio sequencer with audio recording and editing support. MuSE supports plug-ins to form a complete digital audio workstation. This GPL-licensed audio software is now up to version 4.0 and with it comes a redesigned user-interface.

MuSE 4.0 features a redesigned user-interface along with “a huge amount of quality of life improvements.” MuSE 4.0’s redesigned UI features a tabbed UI, a new dark theme, numerous new toolbars, new keyboard shortcuts, and a lot of other polishing compared to prior versions of MuSE.

MuSE 4.0 also introduces an AppImage build to make it easy for trying out this audio software across Linux distributions. MuSE 4.0 is rounded out by many bug fixes and other improvements.

Downloads and more information on this MuSE 4.0 sequencer release via the project’s GitHub site.


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