NetBSD 9.2 Released

NetBSD 9.2 is now available as the latest update to NetBSD 9. It’s not a particularly exciting update but does have a large number of fixes throughout the operating system stack. Much faster fread() is one of the interesting changes to mention with NetBSD 9.2.

Some of the NetBSD 9.2 highlights include:

  • The FREAD system call has seen an optimization to buffer handling for unbuffered I/O that it’s “speeding up the function several orders of magnitude.”
  • Stability fixes for its ZFS file-system support.
  • Various improvements to the AArch64 support.
  • Many device driver fixes, including an issue where various Intel Gigabit Ethernet controllers would be unable to receive packets on big endian systems.
  • Various security fixes.

More details on NetBSD 9.2 can be found via the project’s release notes. The NetBSD 9.2 release notes are dated 12 May but the actual release seems to have only took place this morning.


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