Netflix Rolls Out TikTok-Inspired Fast Laughs Feature To Watch Funny Clips

Netflix is the go-to name when it comes to online movies and shows streaming. The streaming application is a host to a plethora of regional and international content divided across different genres. You get to use this application on not just smartphones but also laptop and PCs. The majority of the new-generation smart TVs are being shipped with Netflix pre-loaded.

Netflix Rolls Out TikTok-Inspired Fast Laughs Feature To Watch Funny Clips,Netflix,TikTok-Inspired, Laugh Feature To Watch Funny Clips,News,Tech,

Netflix is consistent with bringing new features to its platform that eases usability offer a good user experience overall. The brand has introduced yet another new feature for the masses which falls in line with the current trend of short videos. The latest feature introduced by Netflix is Fast Laughs. What is this new feature and can you use it?

What Is Netflix Fast Laughs Feature? How To Use It?

The Fast Laughs feature is Netflix’s take on other popular short video apps such as TikTok and Instagram Reels. This feature will compile a bunch of short funny clips from the shows already available on the platform; specifically, from the shows such as Big Mouth and other stand-up comedy special shows.

Netflix has currently released this feature for iOS devices. Android smartphones and the desktop version is yet to receive the Fast Laughs feature. The company is expected to start testing this feature on Android smartphones in the coming months.

Do note that the app’s availability is also currently limited to a handful of countries. The company is yet to complete make this feature available on a mass level. The Fast Laughs feature on Netflix can be accessed within the app itself. To do so, go to the bottom taskbar on the Netflix app and click on the Fast Laugh Option.

While using this feature if you like any show or movie which you would want to watch later, you can add that title to the saved list. The company has taken this approach to highlight the massive content on its platform. The rising popularity of the short-video format is why the company chose this option to flaunt its content.

Unlike TikTok and Instagram Reels, the Fast Laugh feature in Netflix won’t host any user-generated content as of now. The idea is to show the funny and interesting clips from movies and shows already available on the platform.


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