OnePlus 9 Series Arriving with Official Two-Year Warranty

The OnePlus 9 series is coming. We’re only counting the days until the official announcement but we can expect more images and details will surface until the big day. The OnePlus 9 phones are also arriving with the OnePlus Watch. The next few weeks will be busier for the Chinese OEM as it promotes further the new flagship offering. Over on Weibo, Liu Zuohu aka Pete Lau has shared some good news about the fate of the upcoming OnePlus 9.

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A while ago, Lau announced an important decision that he said may offend the mobile industry. The OnePlus 9 series devices will be offered with two years of official warranty. That is impressive as most phone makers only promise a year of service. This means OnePlus is offering double the time.

OnePlus is aiming to bringing not only the best products but also the best in terms of service. The idea is from the fact that most of the replacement cycle of buyers, especially the flagship users, is two years. A two-year warranty means the phone owners can enjoy official after-sales care from the company which is very much welcome.

Other OEMs may not like this decision by OnePlus because it will probably force them to do the same. OnePlus simply wants to offer the best to the consumers. Of course, even in customer service and warranty, the brand doesn’t settle.


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