OpenBSD 6.9 Released

Following the recent FreeBSD 13.0 release and jumping ahead of the imminent DragonFlyBSD 6.0 release is now OpenBSD 6.9 to kick off May.

OpenBSD 6.9 is now available with a wide variety of improvements to better its hardware driver support as well as advancing its software capabilities in competing with other BSDs and operating systems at large. OpenBSD 6.9 most notably brings some preliminary support for Apple’s ARM64 M1 SoC along with other modern hardware improvements.

  • The ASTFB driver was added to provide frame-buffer support for ASpeed BMC controllers.P
  • reliminary support was added for the Apple M1 SoC across multiple drivers.
  • A wide variety of other OpenBSD on ARM64 improvements.
  • RAID1C was added for an encrypted RAID1 SOFTRAID configuration.
  • Support for a process to open a video device multiple times, which fixes issues with Firefox and other software.
  • Various SMP improvements.
  • AMD Vi and Intel VT IOMMU support has been enabled.
  • LLVM’s LLDB debugger is now supported for build and installation in the OpenBSD user-space.
  • A wide variety of network driver improvements.
  • Many improvements thanks to the latest OpenSSH and LibreSSL components. among other software upgrades.

Downloads and more details on the changes to find with OpenBSD 6.9 can be found via the release announcement today on


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