OpenMandriva 4.3 RC Released

The OpenMandriva team has announced a new release candidate. OpenMandriva 4.3 RC introduces several package upgrades, along with a migration to the LLVM 12 build system.

Major updates :

  • Linux kernel 5.12.4
  • LLVM 12 – We have updated our main toolchain to LLVM 12, and rebuilt the entire system with the new compiler
  • it should improve the overall performance a little
  • systemd-248.20210517, which should fix hostname resolution problems some people have observed in 4.2
  • KDE Plasma desktop 5.21.5
  • KDE Frameworks 5.82.0
  • KDE Gear 21.04.1
  • Qt 5.15.3 with all patches proposed by KDE Mesa 21.1.1
  • FFMPEG to 4.4. Another feature that will be interesting to some is that we’ve fully integrated support for the new JPEG-XL picture file format. JPEG-XL is significantly more efficient than traditional JPEG, and also adds all major features of PNG (such as transparent images and support for lossless compression).

Further details are available in the project’s release announcement and release notes (pdf). Download ISO here.


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