Opera GX Mobile Beta For Android and iOS Released

Opera GX turned out to be quite the success for Opera Software, and the company released several updates since the initial release that extended the browser’s functionality. Updates introduced a network limiter, Discord support, background music playback, and more.

The main idea behind Opera GX was to create a browser for gamers. Distinguishing factors are the colorful interface of the browser and the integration of game news and information.

Today, Opera Software announced the beta launch of Opera GX Mobile for Android and iOS. Interested users can download the browser for their devices directly from the announcement blog post on the Opera website.

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The announcement highlights the following features:

Looking beyond the bold, gaming-inspired design and different color themes, Opera GX Mobile comes with some truely unique features. First off, you get custom navigation with the Fast Action Button (FAB) and haptic feedback (vibrations).

On top of this, you can easily sync your mobile and desktop browsers with the Flow feature – it lets you share files, notes, videos and gaming content like walkthroughs, tutorials and character builds between your devices. Plus there’s instant access to GX Corner – a one-tap space for gaming news, deals and a game release calendar.

Opera GX Mobile displays a handful of important options on first start. You may enable ad-blocking and the blocking of cookie dialogs next to the blocking of cryptomining scripts, switch to another theme, and choose between standard navigation and what Opera Software calls Fast Action Button. All of these options can be changed in the settings later on.

Tip: consider disabling the “extended usage statistics” option while you are in the settings, as it is enabled by default.

Fast Action Button adds a button to the browser that enables users to control various features using it with a single activation of the button. Just long-tap on it to display its menu and search, open or close tabs, or switch to tabs quickly using it. Everything is in reach of the user’s thumb. Vibrations are used when you activate the button.

Opera GX Mobile displays game release information, news and other game related information on its new tab page just like the desktop version of the browser.

The browser supports Opera Flow, a synchronization feature to sync data between different mobile and desktop versions.


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