Qt 6.0.3 Released

Qt 6.0.3 brings around 40 known bug fixes to this inaugural Qt6 toolkit release. Qt 6.0.3 brings a number of general bug fixes, various mobile issues resolved, multiple programs on Qt Wayland causing Qt Virtual Keyboard to break, and a number of other random fixes throughout the massive open-source code-base. Qt 6.0.3 also updates SQLite to v3.35.2 and libjpeg-turbo to v2.0.6. The brief Qt 6.0.3 release announcement can be read on Qt.io.

Qt 6.1 as the next feature release is porting over many modules from Qt5 that were not ready for Qt 6.0 like Qt Lottie. This Qt6 update next month is also introducing Qt Data Visualization, Qt Device Utilities for networking features, Qt State Machines, and other module work. Qt 6.1 is also bringing an instanced rendering “tech preview” feature to Qt Quick 3D along with a 3D Particles API. If all goes well, Qt 6.1.0 will ship before the end of April although release delays are quite common in the Qt camp especially with v6.1 being put out on an expedited release cycle.


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