Qt 6.2 Released

While Qt 6.1 released just one month ago, Qt 6.2 as of today is already into its feature freeze. This quicker than normal time to feature freeze comes due to this year’s Qt releases being tightened up following the Qt 6.0 debut at the end of last year. Qt 6.2 will be the first Long Term Support (LTS) release of the Qt6 series.

With the tightened cycle this year, Qt 6.2.0 should debut around September rather than November~December when the second Qt release of the year normally occurs. For making that happen, as of today the Qt 6.2 feature freeze has taken place. The freeze was announced this morning though given a QML CMake API change hasn’t yet landed, they haven’t started the code branching from dev to 6.2 quite yet. Some feature freeze exceptions are also planned around Qt Multimedia and Qt WebEngine.

Qt 6.2 is bringing a major rewrite to Qt Multimedia and other modules finally seeing ports from Qt5 to Qt6 include Qt SerialBus, Qt WebSockets, Qt WebChannel, and Qt WebEngine.

The Qt 6.2 Alpha release is expected next week, the Qt 6.2 Beta releases should begin in July and continue through August, a Qt 6.2 release candidate in mid-September, and then the plan is to ship Qt 6.2.0 LTS on 28 September.


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